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Scale to Infinity is a virtual exhibition that stands halfway between a diorama and a repository of 3D files. It displays a scale-free model in the near-original environment where it was digitally sculpted to highlight the work involved in the crafting of the file before choosing its material settings.

In line with Audrey Large's methodology, the distinction between real and digital seems irrelevant. The files are matter in the making, layered, full of potential and packing meaning into the 3D trip.

While 3D modeling programs were developed to simulate the “real” environments that surround us, Large uses them in diametrically opposing ways as a method for producing reality.
She generates a variety of thoughts and forms in the modeling environment, which are then superimposed, piece by piece and assembled on screen into paradoxical objects.

In this virtual space you can experience the physicality of her files, register their weight, their temporal coordinates as a means to understand the making process and to collect information that documents their mutating nature.
Keep all this in mind, when you hold in your hands a piece of vibrant reality.

Scale to Infinity is the precursor of a larger body of work that will lead to Audrey Large's solo show at Nilufar Gallery in Milan next September.

All the interactive pieces in this virtual show are available in their printed version on Picked By Nina website.

For general enquiries and press: nilufar@nilufargallery.com
A solo show
by Audrey Large
Commissioned by
Nilufar Gallery
Curated and powered by
Studio Vedèt
For general enquiries and press: